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Expert Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services for Your Vehicle

Our team of skilled technicians are trained to handle all auto glass repairs, from small chips to complete windshield replacements. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure your vehicle is back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

Same Day, Next Day Service

Our Services

Auto Glass Repair

Auto glass repair is essential for you and your vehicle’s safety on the road. Get it fixed as soon as possible. We recommend a replacement if the crack/chip is larger than a quarter.

Windshield Calibration

We adjust the sensors and cameras integrated into your car’s windshield to ensure collision avoidance, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control work correctly.

RV Glass Replacement

Restore broken or damaged windows of your RV, providing the freedom to travel and explore the country without any issues.

Power Window and Lock Repair

Repair and replace faulty motors, broken regulators, actuators, broken linkages, and wiring issues in your vehicle’s power windows and locks.

Sunroof Repair

Fix for all types of sunroofs, including leaks, malfunctioning motors, broken glass, and clogged drain tubes.

Boat Windshield Replacement

We offer replacement services for boat windshields, protecting from wind, rain, and other elements while navigating the waters.

Heavy Equipment Replacement

Replace glass windows for heavy equipment like construction machinery, ensuring the operator’s safety while using the equipment.

Fleet Accounts

We offer a specialized service for fleet managers who require quick and efficient windshield replacement for their vehicles, such as dealerships, rental cars, delivery trucks, buses, and taxis.

Window Tint Removal/Installation

We install and remove window tints for all types of vehicles, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and reducing the amount of heat that enters the car.

Auto Glass Windshield, Door, and Back Glass Replacement

Our team of certified technicians uses specialized tools and adhesives to remove the damaged glass, clean the area, and install the new glass. The process takes 30 minutes to a few hours. Follow our care and maintenance instructions, such as avoiding car washes, extreme temperatures, and slamming doors or windows.

Windshield Calibration FAQs

What is Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Windshield Camera Calibration?

One of the newest technologies in the Autoglass business is the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which works in part using a camera that is mounted to the windshield. This system gives the driver an alert if there are potential hazards on the road.

What are the types of ADAS systems?

  1. Lane Keep Assist – In the event the driver does not use a blinker, this system will bring the vehicle back into designated lane.
  2. Lane Departure Warning System – Warns driver when they are leaving lane unexpectedly. Usually warns driver via a vibration and/or sound.
  3. Forward Collision Alert – Uses radar, lasers, or cameras to detect and warn drivers of other vehicles in front of their cars. Notifies driver via a visual and/or audio signal if following too close.
  4. Adaptive Cruise Control – The vehicle will self-adjust depending on the distance of the vehicle ahead.

What are the Types of Calibration?

  1. Static Calibration
    Autospecs Glass has the ability to do mobile and in-shop Static calibration. Our certified technicians use an advanced electronic system alongside OEM spec targets to give precise measurements according to OEM specs
  2. Dynamic Calibration
    This type of calibration works with the technician driving the vehicle while the advanced electronic system tells driver the exact speed and exact distance to drive.
  3. Dual Calibration
    This occurs when we have to do both calibrations. This can be done while in shop or in mobile.
  4. Why should I get my vehicle Calibrated?
    If your windshield is being replaced, it is a crucial requirement that the camera is calibrated property to its original OEM settings. Otherwise, the ADAS systems will not function properly. Don’t risk your safety.